Three magic mantras for Digital Marketing in 2015

Digital marketing is a constant endeavour that has no end point, but an incessant path to be pursued to achieve excellence in digital presence and maintain it thereafter. Indeed, it is far more important to safeguard and constantly nourish an online presence that has been build over a long period. And that requires an aggressive and proactive approach to move with the pace, while implementing the latest strategies and embracing the fresh trends of the industry.

Digital Marketing is a consistently emerging form of marketing. It’s neither conventional, nor new. It’s a movement regularly taking steps ahead towards the future of expanded digital presence. Here, a pursuer needs to constantly watch the trends and strive to stay ahead of the curve. Similarly, with the beginning of 2015, we have some majorly emerging trends that will be integral to digital marketing this year. Hence, it is highly crucial to understand these trends as well as incorporate them to continue in this highly competitive league. Irrespective of the nature of your core business, its positioning and its success so far, it is in fact next to mandate to follow the trends of the year.

The industry is flooded with numerous trends nowadays, but there are three major digital marketing trends that every business as well as digital marketing agency should abide this year, as follows:

video-marketing-agencya) Video & Image Focused Marketing

The most appealing method of communication to people is the one that is not only more entertaining, but also which demands lesser efforts and is more involving. Videos and Images are certainly the answer here, which people enjoy more often, as it is well validated by platforms like WhatsApp, Vine and YouTube. Certainly, it is more appealing to browse high quality and short videos, and scan an infographic instead of reading a whole 400 words write-up or even lesser. Indeed, an image centric content will be most preferred.

mobile-marketing-indiab) Mobile at the Centre of Marketing

There is no validation required for the expansion of mobile, especially in India. Indeed, the number of people scrolling internet via mobile is growingly steadily enough to soon surpass the number of web users via computers. Hence, you are ignoring a major segment of your audience if your marketing campaign is not mobile centric. The professionals of online marketing agencies are required to make a shift of endeavours to mobile, while keeping a strong grip on web. This simply mean that every business should also have a version of mobile for everything it offers online, whether it’s about the company’s website, application or just the marketing strategy.

native-advertisingc) Native Advertising is the Future of Online Advertising

Gone are the days, when marketers or advertisers could sway away the audiences and compel them for the directed action. Now, the audience is as smart as a marketer, and hence they prefer something not actually promoted or something seems genuine. Here is where you need to find your way ahead. An internet marketing agency or a brand needs to stop being smart. Indeed, it needs to behave like a naïve and create something that doesn’t seems be influencing, yet is convincing. A piece of content or advertised item which doesn’t seem to be advertising anything is actually more result-oriented.

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