To Do’s for Effective Retargeting Campaigns

To Do’s for Effective Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help you keep your brand in front of the bounced traffic after they leave your website. But you can experience its power only when campaigns are run correctly, that way you can earn brand lift and ROI. Let us have a look at some best practices that will help you craft retargeting campaigns:
1. Frequency Caps
Overexposure results in falling campaign performance, a prospect may ignore your ads completely, or they may begin to have a negative association with your brand, which is why it is advisable to make use of frequency cap. It will limit the number of times your ads appear to a tagged user and will prevent prospects from feeling overwhelmed. It is important to be strategic with how and when you serve ads and remember that not every website visitor will be at same level in their buying process.
Typically, it is recommended to serve 17-20 ads per month. But you can make changes in coordination with your retargeting provider to determine what makes the most sense for you campaign.
2. Burn Pixel
Don’t make the mistake of continuing to serve ads to converted customers, this will only annoy people. A very simple solution to this is burn pixel. It’s a code placed in your post-transaction page, will un-tag any users who have made a purchase, ensuring you stop serving ads to them. You can still retarget your converted customers, but this time with new ads. You can up-sell, cross-sell or even offer referral discounts through new ads.
3. Segmentation
By segmenting your audience you can tailor ad messages to users in different stages of the purchase funnel. It is not at all a complex process, just place different retargeting pixels on different pages of your site, and then tailor creatives based on the level of engagement of each user. This will ensure that you are serving relevant and engaging ads.
4. Demographic, Geographic and Contextual Targeting
Targeting lets you fine-tune your ad placement, ensuring greater relevancy and increasing ad performance. By targeting your ads based on demographic information like age or gender, geographic location or contextual factors like subject matter of the website, you valuable impressions are not wasted on people who are irrelevant to your campaign. It improves the relevancy of your retargeting campaign by serving ads to right people, at right time, and at right place. Along with this it also improves cost efficiency and serves ads to those for who your ads make the most sense.
5. View-through Conversion
Retargeted ads, even if they aren’t clicked, can provide brand lift. The view-through conversion considers that some ads don’t trigger immediate buying decision, but can nonetheless influence people to make purchase later, aka the billboard effect. View-through conversions provides advertisers with wealthy data around ad performance by considering conversions that occur within certain window after a consumer see and ad.
There are various practices around the length of view-through conversion window, some providers will set a 30-day window, but it is recommended to set it for 24-hours. A 24-hours window will serve you with valuable data about the stickness of ads, quality of ads placement and your audience’s shopping habits.
6.Retargeting through Single Provider
Running retargeting ads with multiple providers is not a smart decision, it has several drawbacks like each provider will be bidding for the same spots on the same websites, driving up media costs and decreasing the chances each has to serve ads to your users and many other difficulties.
If you want to test the work of different providers, it is advisable to run tests in subsequent months using one provider at a time. This way you will get to know which campaign performed better without skewing your results.
If you follow the above practices for your retargeting campaign it will definitely spice up your throughout digital marketing campaign, delivering better results.


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