Upswing of Digital Media from 2013 to 2014

Digital Media is an invincible power accumulating incalculable strength continuously and speedily. It is emerging as a supreme region which is gradually proliferating opportunities for every other region to grow with the boost of digital power. The potency of digital world lies in its infiniteness and the inescapable fact that it connects you with the whole world through diminishing the distances to few clicks.

Since the commencement of internet in 2000’s followed by its recognition around 2003 – 04, digital media has been constantly thriving in its avenue of becoming the most efficacious medium of communication and promotion. And the most vigorous transformation has been observed since 2011 with maximum of energy in the past year 2013.

Social Media: Soul of Digital Media

Social media is unquestionably the soul of digital media. It comprises the maximum of power and vitality of digital media. Indeed, social media is the powerhouse of digital medium, where not only products and brands are getting boost, but users are also receiving recognition. Today, it is next to necessary to have a social media presence, as your brand or you will have an incomplete and deficient online presence without it.

Social media houses variant regions combining some of the truly inescapable platforms which have proven to be the catalysts of digital media.

Four pillars of social media

Facebook: Undoubtedly, Facebook is the king of social media that have conquered the whole online ground in its 10 years of progressive journey.

From one million users in 2004, it reached 1.23 billion global users in Feb’2014.

The major growth was observed from 800+ million users in 2012 to 1.15+ billion users by the end of 2013.

India includes 90+ million users at present.

Twitter: At the second position is Twitter. The most compelling channel for ‘word of mouth’, Twitter has evolved as an electric string of communication.

From 100 million users in 2012, it reached 500 million users by the end of 2013.

It combines 33 million users from India.

 Google+: A must-have-kind social platform, which is attached to its father Google search engine, Google+ is almost inevitable.

Whether you perceive it as a Google’s strategy or users’ need, Google+ is mandatory to be a part of your SEO based digital media campaign.

As validating it, this young platform counted 500 million users by the end of 2013.

It combines 22 million users from India.

 LinkedIn: A renowned and one-of-its-kind professional networking platform, LinkedIn is continuously multiplying since its commencement. For this reason, it has become a major resource for marketing activities as well.

LinkedIn recorded a user base of 238 million by the end of 2013.

It combines 18 million from India.

Mobility: Adjoining Facet of Digital Media

Mobility is a region emerging high and higher than all the existing grounds. The path of communication region began with mobility decades back, but since a decade, communication was driven and ruled by digital media. And now, the avenue of communication is turning back to mobility. Mobility is having such an incredible re-rise that all the other leading regions combining technology, IT, marketing, finance, etc, are re-locating their focus to the mobility sector for revenue generation as well as customer satisfaction. The accelerators of this resumed surge have been smartphones and tablets. They indeed affected the global shipments of PCs.

  • Global Statistics of Mobility

The smartphone penetrated 22% of global population by the end of 2013, which was started with 5% in 2009.

It observed an increase of about 1.3 billion smartphones in these years.

With this, there are two smartphones for every nine people on the globe. Plus, tablets are also swiftly expanding.

In only two years, tablets have covered 6% of global population, while smartphones took four years for this coverage.

  • Indian Statistics of Mobility

 In India, there are 51+ million smartphone users in India, which is an 89% rise from 2012.

It is expected that Indian region will cross 104 million smartphones by the end of this year.

Plus, there are 1.9+ million tablets sold in India by now.

Mobility Merged with Digital Media

The amalgam of mobility and digital media is probably the next facet of communication and promotion. Nowadays, people are using a major amount of internet through smartphones and tablets.

  • Statics of Mobile Internet

 In the speedily emerging market India, the number of mobile internet users is 85 million in urban region with 25 million in rural region.

The number of internet capable mobile phones is 431+ million, along with 156+ million mobile internet connections.

Altogether, there are about 110 million Indians who are surfing digital medium through mobile phones.

The total users surfing internet from both PCs and mobiles in India was recorded about 205+ million in 2013 with an upsurge of 40% from a year earlier.

And, it is expected that this count will reach 240 million by the mid of 2014 and 350 million by the end of 2015.

This picture of vigorous rise and developments in the digital media through mobility is paving a very strong and compatible path ahead for businesses and marketers. This fusion of two sectors with one vision will be the next trend that will be followed across the industries. Plus, it will also bolster revenues of businesses.

Inescapable Digital Media Trends

 A compelling and result-oriented social media strategy is developed with an intelligent blend of trends and analysis of social media. It should incorporate the prevailing trends and statistics of market analysis.

The truly inescapable digital media trends are:

a)      Content will continue as King: Content optimization and marketing will be the backbone of digital media marketing. According to statistics, 30% of companies rated content marketing as important in 2012, which uplifted to 41% in 2013. It is also to be noted that in 2014 marketers will have to talk beyond the information on digital media. Information is already streaming in the market, but to rise above, marketers need to talk beyond information.

b)      Facebook will form bigger picture: It has been concluded by various researchers that Facebook will die this year onwards. But, they must be ignoring active 1.19 billion members. Facebook is flooded with advertisers and promoters, which are continuously multiplying to bolster its growth. Researchers have concluded that the amount spent on Facebook will further increase this year.

c)       Google+ will be mandatory: Although, most of the marketers are still uncertain about the future of G+, the researchers have concluded its upsurge this year. The active profiles on G+ will acquire best search engine ranks and stronger online presence.

d)      Social Media will be second eStore: This year, social media will come up as a shopping marketplace from where consumers will make a great amount of shopping.

e)      Video-visual will catalyze digital: Videos will be the invincible tools of marketing & promotion in digital media. Undoubtedly, visual and dynamic expressions are more effective in communicating a message to consumers. In this tech dominating era, when we can browse videos anywhere, this strategy will be productive for all business regions.

f)       Mobile Optimization and Marketing:  Mobile web adoption is growing with an eight times faster pace than the adoption of web that happened in early 2000s. It’s about 23% of global internet usage that combines mobile internet usage. Thus, there is a continuously widening scope of business expansion through mobile optimization and marketing.

g)      Targeting and Personalizing: The research and analysis have concluded that about 51% of marketers see targeted and personalized marketing as fundamental to digital marketing. Targeted and personalized marketing will not only boost business, but will also augment conversion rate of digital media.

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