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Digital Media has been growing aggressively from almost a decade and past three years have reckoned the most dynamic growth. The continuously multiplying pace of digital media has concluded a benchmarking year ahead. In this phase of transition, when conventional grey rules are deserted and neoterics are being discovered to delineate a new era of marketing and promotion, Allied Digital Group (ADG) conducted a brief survey and laid the digital marketing trends for the upcoming year on the grounds of the present scenario, combining rigorously developing technology and changing consumer psychology, with especial focus on SMEs.

  1.  Social Media Engagement
    Social media engagement has been ruling the digital marketing sector, since almost the commencement of digital media. The statistics of ADG’s research concludes that the count of active companies on social media in the year 2012 was 51%, which reached about 69% in the year 2013. ADG also concluded that 86% of marketers give high value to social media in digital marketing.
  1. Content Optimization and Marketing Content optimization and marketing will be the catalysts of digital marketing. According to statistics of ADG’s research, 30% of companies rated content marketing as important in 2012, which uplifted to 41% in 2013.The Coco-Cola company, which has been leading on digital media marketing platform, uncovers the secret of its success as content marketing. The company has tagged its investment on content as very significant.Indeed, various surveys have concluded that content marketing is the backbone of digital media marketing. It is also to be noted that in 2014 marketers will have to talk beyond the information on digital media. They need to interact and involve with consumers through a well optimized strategy of content marketing. Information is already streaming in the market, but to rise above, marketers need to talk beyond information.
  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Conversion rate is undoubtedly the strength of a growing business and hence, the central concern of digital marketing industry. Conversion rate has been an aspect of high stress for marketers as it was only 40% of conversion rate in 2013 which uplifted from 32.6% in 2012.The year 2014 is predicted to be strongly focused on conversion rate optimization and the rising seriousness of marketers and entrepreneurs for digital marketing is expected to boost the conversion rate with a good percentage.
  1. Mobile Optimization and Marketing Mobile web adoption is growing with an eight times faster pace than the adoption of web that happened in early 2000s. It’s about 23% of global internet usage that combines mobile internet usage. Thus, there is a continuously widening scope of business expansion through mobile optimization and marketing.Plus, as the smartphone industry has been growing at a very higher rate, which further predicts the expansion of mobile marketing in 2014.
  1. Targeting and Personalizing ADG’s research and analysis have concluded that about 51% of marketers see targeted and personalized marketing as fundamental to digital marketing. Targeted and personalized marketing will not only boost business, but will also augment conversion rate of digital media.
  1. Speak via Video on Digital Media Videos will be the invincible tools of marketing & promotion in digital media. Undoubtedly, visual and dynamic expressions are more effective in communicating a message to consumers. In this tech dominating era, when we can browse videos anywhere, this strategy will be productive for all business regions.This strategy will be augmented by growing percentage of mobile and web internet usage.
  1. Data as Backbone of Digital Marketing Data mining and analytics will be the backbone of digital marketing and promotions. Data will not only strengthen the campaigns, but will also direct it towards the right direction.

It will be essential, especially for SMEs to spend on digital media marketing, and there will be a substantial and gradual increase in its amount. This amount will be spent on brand engagement and will be a form of investment to produce revenue from the growing internet.  “This new era of digital marketing demands integrated marketing strategies. Brand communications requires to be infused with data and real-time insights.

 The conclusion of ADG’s analytics predicts that Indian digital industry will grow with a 33% rate and most importantly, this growth rate will continuously increase in the favour of marketers.  Although Indian internet users are yet to cross 17% of the country population, but this percentage comprises of nearly 10 times of the Australia’s population. According to IAMAI and IMRB report, India reckoned 200 million internet users by October 2013 and is expected to achieve the mark of 243 million by June 2014. Thus, the probability of digital marketing success will continuously increase. About ADG: Allied Digital Group is an award winning digital marketing company that has analyzed and ideated various efficacious and successful campaigns for some of the blue-chip brands. The ardent workforce of ADG combined with resolute direction has always been the backbone of its exquisite concepts. The company is continuously adding substantial value to digital industry.

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