As a brand, what you should not do on social media

social-media-marketing-mistakesSocial Media has established its importance among businesses whether small or large as an essential part of their Online Marketing Strategy. This is not just because of its cost effectiveness but also for personalized reach to their customers, peers & prospects and generating more business. It customizes the brand and helps you disperse your message in a casual and interactive way.

It is because of this growing importance and success that small businesses are also now planning to increase their time spent on Social Media Marketing. But what businesses need to keep in mind is that simply posting things on their Social Media pages just for the sake of staying active isn’t enough. Engagement with followers is necessary but it cannot be done through constant retweets & over sharing of messages. One need to be very careful about what they post otherwise it wouldn’t take much time to get you Unfriend, Unliked or Unfollowed. Below you will get to know 7 habits that will estrange you on Social Media:

1. Constant Selling

Social Media is a powerful tool for any brand when they use to tell their brand stories and values, not to sell their products. It can help you create sales in an indirect way by building trust and loyalty among customers or prospects towards your brand. So businesses need to understand that posting only when they have something to promote is not a way to increase your following but a way to quicken the fall in followings. What can be done instead is posting your company’s parties, blogs, quotes, articles and news links that will serve value to people rather than continuous promotional posts.

2. Excessive Sharing

People don’t want to see stories which have already been posted a number of times on several sites it can be displeasure to your followers. Share things which strike a balance between being informative and being annoying.

3. Lack of Originality in Content

Let your customers know that you are interesting enough to be followed. If you would keep on reposting and re-tweeting other people’s messages or articles from other sites it would not depict your activeness on page rather it will show lack of originality in your content. Frequency of sharing info that isn’t yours is once every two to three days.

4. No Strategic Way of posting

When content is pitched as calendar thinking becomes easier because you know how your posts will be distributed throughout that span. However posting random things just for the sake of putting up something is not a good idea. Build your strategy around your customer’s needs and interest, ask them what they would like to see, think about how the information you are going to share would be beneficial for them.

5. Tagging Unnecessarily

Although tagging increase visibility but unnecessarily tagging people in posts and pictures can annoy people and increase the possibility of getting unfollowed specially when things are not associated to them.

6. Disengaging with Followers

As the whole idea of Social Media revolve around engagement, it is important to follow your followers. When they respond to your posts or reach you out, respond them back. Having huge number of followers without any engagement is of no use.

7. Reposting Multiple times

Your click through rate may go up by reposting the same link multiple times but it can annoy followers to whom it may seem to be a digital clutter. People find it interesting only when they see different activities while scrolling down to your page, but if the post is all the same they are going to see you as aggravating.

Managing good reputation on Social Media platforms is a responsible task while Implementing Online Marketing Strategy. At ADG Online Solutions we have experienced & skilled Social Media Marketing team which continuously thrive for excellence for the benefit of its clients.

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