What Not to Do while Planning Digital Marketing Campaign

What Not to Do while Planning Digital Marketing Campaign

With rapid advancement and dynamic changes in technology, it is definitely hard to keep up the pace in market with the same old budget. Well this realization is not held awaited for long as a report on Marketing Budget 2015 revealed that 77% marketers are of view that they intend to increase their budgets in 2015. This shows a significant increase of 8% since last year.

Major digital marketing strategies comprises of visual marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing tactics of various kinds. However it may become confusing and overwhelming at the same time as to which technique to inculcate in your company’s marketing strategies.

It is equally important to focus on what not to do in digital marketing along with what to do. List of don’ts below would help you clear the vagueness about which strategy are you missing to take into account:
1. Skipping Mobile Marketing: It’s no longer a phase of asking if mobile marketing is important or not, we know it well that it is important, infact it is very important. A statistics shows that smartphones and tablets are the most popular device to search on internet. 80% internet users own smartphones and 47% own tablets. Thus, if you were thinking to skip this platform then you must mark it as priority. The first step for this is to build a mobile-friendly website. Experience shopping on mobile yourself to have a complete understanding of what you need to do.
2. Excess of Social Media: It is understandable that for building a presence in digital space it is critically important to be on social media platforms but it is impossible to expect presence on all the social networks. The correct way is to pick 2 or 3 top platforms and start building your brand awareness and engagement with prospects on those chosen sites. For smart choice you need to deeply understand your target audience and on which social sites they are most active on, then undertake social media marketing.
3. Information Overload: Digital marketing space is so vast that anyone can easily become lost in pool of information. Don’t let you target audience feel the same when it comes to searching about your brand. Disperse the information on few selected sources and share only what is necessary for building a successful business.
4. Loosing pace with SEO changes: The rules and regulations of Search Engine Optimization keeps on changing frequently thus it is very essential to stay updated with these changes and reframing your websites and other activities accordingly.
5. Underutilizing Visual Marketing: Your conversion rate can increase upto 80% if you make proper utilization of visual marketing. Place visual graphics on your landing/home page, blogs and other content. Place compelling photos in your articles that have the potential to entice readers and pull them for reading your articles. Give visual identity your social media pages. Be entertaining in the videos and photos your place on your social media pages or landing page.
6. Closing your eyes on Testing and Tracking: Getting a report of what you are doing is right or wrong is necessary because it helps you know whether the direction you are moving towards is taking you close to your goals or not. Take benefit of Google tools to study your stats and Google Analytics to track your performance. Also you can find out what brings the best outcomes and what to stick with.
7. Under rating Relationship Building: building relationship on digital medium is much different from building it with face to face interaction. It is difficult to gain trust of people online than in person so make sure you put all the efforts to gain that trust and create goodwill. Don’t over promise, be reliable- fulfil what you say. Be consistent with your updates, blogs and articles. Always be available for your audience and let them know you can be trusted.

8. Focusing too much on generating traffic and not sufficiently on conversions: pooling traffic to a website is the lifeblood of an online business but pooling quality and targeted traffic should also be your focal point. For getting targeted audience what you can do is participating in forums and discussions where people who might show interest in your product/service participate.

These flaws are very common but need to be taken under serious consideration. And if you are particularly attempting to build online presence for your brand or solely planning for online business then you need to be abreast of these don’ts and constantly strive for latest updated and information. Also as digital market has come a long way you need to be ready with a skilled team of digital experts. For the very reason of getting expertise every big and small business are outsourcing this department to digital marketing agencies. It might cost you a little but will give you overwhelming returns and build a successful online business.


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