What’s next in Digital Marketing?

digital-marketing-strategy-2015New Year has come and so does it bring along new trends. Everyone is wondering what surprise does this year holds for them. In digital world also people are expecting some new trends that are going to dominate in 2015. In this article find out what this year has in store for the marketers:

Establish a Budget for Paid Social

Many a times business owners come up with an issue that they are doing everything that should be done on social media but results are below expectations. This is because now everyone is fighting for consumer’s attention on social media by spending more resources on organic and paid social. The only way to resolve this is establishing a budget for paid social because it’s the only source which can give you best results.

Communities to Create More Impact than Pages

Businesses can’t rely solely on creating pages and profiles if they want to be more interactive with their consumers and prospects. For this businesses need to adopt human ways of interacting with fans and followers and focus more on platforms allowing direct communication. For this very reason there are strong chances that creating communities for discussions, debates and connections will overtake Pages.

Mobile Driven Marketing

Every marketing effort will mandatorily include mobile-first strategy. Most analysts are of view that brands will have to leverage mobile technology more rigorously in the coming year in order to create experience that serves and meet consumer’s needs.


Just about every aspect of digital marketing has essence of personalization and it will make its presence more powerful by extensively using algorithms to hyper-personalize ads. In order to anticipate and acknowledge customer’s needs more efficiently marketing campaigns will be paired with retargeting & location targeting.

Visual Supremacy

Visual culture will undoubtedly accelerate in 2015. Brands eagerly wish to collaborate with visual influencers and learn to create supreme visual contents to have a better reach than its competitors. This will open access for brand partnership and offer direct reach to the envious chiliad market. Companies can inculcate the ability of visual storytelling by create visuals with emotional and momentous spark which will seek customer’s attention and nurture the interactive communities.

 Blend of Digital Marketing and Digital Sales

In 2015, marketing and sales department will not work separately instead they will merge in a meaningful way. Best organizations will mend marketing & sales into customer centric organization with core focus on revenue generation.

These are just the glimpse of few things out of whole surprise box but you can now frame plans and direct your digital marketing efforts in synch with these predictions. Now marketers should pull up their socks and resolve to evolve what’s important about what’s next.

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