WhatsApp – A New Avenue for Marketers

whatsapp-marketingThe thing which is only constant in this competitive world is “Change”. We are currently experiencing the great transition from traditional means of marketing communication to digital and more engaging means of communication. Within the arena of digital, innovations in marketing are rising in synchronizing with quick rise in technological advancements. Branded communications are getting more niche and personalized day-by-day, and what better way to pitch a personalized & customized message to a consumer, than by the use of instant messaging apps?

We all are aware of smartphone effect that has gripped the nation. The major reason for this is the level of connectivity that smartphones offers, through a plethora of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line & Hike etc. Amongst all popular instant messaging applications, WhatsApp comfortably leads in India, with more than 65 million active users, which constitutes 10% of its entire global customer base.

The amazing emergence of WhatsApp, coupled with the shooting up need of engaging consumers through personalized messages means – WhatsApp is next big thing for brands to capitalize on for boosting their marketing practices and efforts. A recent research indicates that an increasing number of people are missing almost 70 % television commercials, people are choosing advertisement-less satellite radio and downloading browser extensions and software to block online advertisements. The mobile handset, if used innovatively, is a extensive powerful tool that marketers can ensure that they’ll be able to reach their audience precisely.

How does WhatsApp marketing is beneficial?
The use of WhatsApp messenger to disseminate information, news and multimedia news through the application is how text marketing works. Today people spend more time on WhatsApp than their any personal social media profiles. With such a latent market, there resides a potential for brands to start a dialog to a large number of customers simultaneously. It also helps in creating a sustainable relationship with customers, as online grievances handling is possible in near future real time.

The immense support of multi-media content also doesn’t inhibit the communications of the brands, therefore paving more room for innovations and creativity. Major brands today have jumped into the race ,but using Whats app is also more vulnerable as it is similar of using SMS marketing that usually results in spam. The strategic path that ensures success always stays the same – Incepting an opt in facility versus pushing messages to consumer who doesn’t want to receive those messages.

The industry is breaking the clutter in advertising industry by using tools that provides instant feedback. Although SMS is relatively cheaper, switching onto an instant messaging app that provides free message dissemination works well in the favor of the brand. Instant messaging apps are fast becoming crucial for SMB’s and brands, who want to build mass awareness, but don’t have much budgets to do so.

Working with the perfect mix of digital marketing with a data analysis can provide a better way of selling products to the right person. Text messaging is a way of personal interaction which can provide the benefit of learning more about your customers with a closer angle.

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