Why Mobile Marketing is a must?

The penetration of affordable and varied range of smart phones has made everyone a proud owner of more than one phone these days. Also, with bombardment of so many models by different mobile manufacturing companies has led to the trend of changing phones in an average span of one year. Another trend which has resulted into the sudden splurge of smart phones, particularly among youth, is craze for selfies. Today, the scenario is that wherever you go, you will find maximum crowd being busy on their mobiles, some accessing mails, some chatting on messenger apps, playing games, listening to music or chatting on call. There is no doubt that mobile phones have become an important part of our lives.

A recent study has shown that among total Indian population of 1.25 billion, 70% has mobile connection, 13% have smart phones and 15% use Internet on mobile. Another statistic shows that share of web traffic on mobile devices is more than that on desktops and that an average Indian spends almost 5 hours accessing internet with 3 hours spent on mobile Internet. Another study revealed that huge chunk of total population use smart phones to access mobile apps; 11% using social media apps, 16% using streaming videos on mobile, 11% using game apps, 5% using location-based apps etc.

This data clearly shows the sudden shift towards mobile as a powerful medium of communication. Marketers who are willing to reach to their target audience in huge numbers and in shortest possible time, can utilize the power of mobile marketing. Reaching potential audience through the ads on their mobile devices while they are accessing any app can really work wonders for the advertisers and can also yield best results. A recent report by Internet Retailer predicts that 21% of e-commerce sales will come from mobile devices by the end of 2014. These stats reflect to only further rise of mobile marketing by advertisers. Now how they utilize this medium to the best has to be decided by the decision makers.

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