Why Mobile Marketing is the Future of Marketing

Mobile Marketing is marketing by using a mobile device such as smart phones, with this consumers are constantly connected to a network with their personal mobile device. Corporates are getting competitive day by day and this emerging trend of promoting business is being used by every big or small brand as the most efficient tool for targeting a large number of customers.

Promoting the brand via SMS has expanded rapidly in Europe and Asia as a new channel to reach the consumers. SMS has became the most popular branch of mobile advertising industry with approximately 10 million SMS sent out every month in India alone.

According to a latest research 65% people likes offers on their mobile phones whereas 75% smart phone users prefers to receive offers through mobiles. A study says that in India majority of mobile phone users welcome SMS offers. In fact SMS marketing is currently the most common delivery channel for mobile advertising.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is the second most popular advertising tool after SMS .which contains rich media contents such as videos, slideshows, audios, images and up to thousands of text characters within the message. Experts say that MMS could be the next big channel for brand promotion.

With the increasing use of smart phones, app usage has also increased. There is a lot of competition in this field. While 500 apps released everyday globally, in India people spend their 80% mobile time engaging in apps only. The best example of mobile app promotion is Face book’s mobile app. Facebook’s mobile promoted post ads integrate so flawless that users often don’t realize that they are looking at advertisements.

The next big emerging trend is in-game mobile promotion. Many brands are delivering promotional message within mobile games or sponsoring entire games to retain consumer’s engagement.

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It is expected that there will be more smart phones than humans around the world in coming years. People use mobile phones merely for calling or texting, now people search, explore and shop from mobile. As per the estimations mobile advertising in India is expected to grow to Rs.1,000 crores by 2015.The next generation of consumers are going to carry the entire information universe along with them. Mobile advertising through internet and texts allows the customers to reach out the markets faster than ever before. ADG Online Solutions takes a step further by bringing in new technologies and ideas that mix with traditional internet and mobile marketing as well for clients to create a 360 degree campaign with lasting consumers interest.

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