Wondering how to generate more leads by using social media?

B2B lead generation companyHave you ever considered social media as a way of getting more leads, if you are already using social media as a tool to promote your business to bring more traffic on your website, or to raise awareness about your product or service, so why not make some extra efforts to get some more leads out of it? Today each one of us is a part of this wonderful phenomenon called Social media. A recent study shows how useful social media can be when it comes to generating leads. While 77% of marketers say that they acquired customer through face book, whereas 77% of B2B marketers say that they acquired leads through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Twitter & Facebook.

Social media also leads to more indirect leads, as it helps to bring more traffic to the website.9 out of 10 people are active on various social networking websites. Here are some techniques which a brand manager can use to bring more business for its brand.


  1. Do not leave out any platform: People today are so much influenced by social media that your brands absence on it will eliminate your product from market. It is very important to create an identity on all possible platforms and do some activity as well. Facebook and twitter may steal the show, but it is advised to all marketing professionals to not leave any platform so that the buzz is maintained.
  2. Frequent and relevant post: A frequency should be maintained on number of posts and updates on brands’ page. Too many posts can annoy followers but less might hamper its image. It is advised that at least 2-3 relevant post a day works as a great link between users and brand.
  3. Post planner: It is software that allows a brand to link its pages on all the social platforms together. Such as if you post something on Facebook it will appear on LinkedIn and Twitter as well. It will increase the chances of your post going viral on not only one but on three widely used social networking websites.
  4. Stay updated and use of new technologies: It is very important for a brand manager to get updated with all the new practices. The latest technology that has hit the social media world is social media monitoring. This helps a brand to access the mentions about its social media influences across the globe and helps to keep a tab on their competitors’ activities and mentions.

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