Year 2015; What’s trending for Digital Media

Year 2015; What’s trending for Digital Media

Well technology is never stagnant; it keeps evolving with passing time and ends up taming the unexplored zones many a times. 2015 is going to be a boom for Digital Media with the convergence of a brand’s website, social media, mobile marketing, games and apps. Let’s observe the 5 predictive trends one can see in Digital Media in 2015:

1. Go mobile will be the set route, not just a choice or exception.Be ready in 2015 every website must be mobile-ready because everything is already shifting to mobile (we all prefer it handy). What’s more, according to Ovum, 1bn people will use mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015.These mobile-only and mobile-first consumers stand to influence online media in various ways.

2. Pre-targeting is the new real-time. Pre-targeting and pre-targeted ads use big data to predict a buyer’s preference with relevant and smart messages while they’re in the buying phase, not after it. In 2015 we’ll see many big data efforts finally pay off and move from being a mystery to a benefit for consumers.

3. Democratization of content creation changes everything. 2015 is dwelling to be the year when everyday users begin to harness the amazing capabilities of technologies like GoPro and Hyperlapse to produce truly amazing content. The ease of use of these tools and the spectacular, high-quality content they can produce could turn the content marketing world on its head. Visual storytelling, the ‘secret sauce’ of agencies and brands, is now in the hands of everyone.Agencies and publishers will do well to act both as creative director and content consultant to harness this content.

4. Internet of Things and wearables are about to take the charge.Considering the trend, Internet of Things is already changing our personal and business lives. From smart thermostats to smart cars, consumers are intrigued by managing their own ecosystems via their connected devices and smart phones. Accenture research confirms that adoption of wearable IoT technology such as smart watches and fitness devices is also expected to gradually increase, with nearly half of consumers already owning or planning to purchase in this category in the next five years.2015 will see the addition of wearables into the mix in a big way. Gartner vice president David Clearley says, “Phones and wearable devices are now part of an expanded computing environment that includes such things as consumer electronics and connected screens in the workplace and public space.”

5. Advanced analytics are like Moneyball in Digital Media. In 2015 we’ll see smart media companies adopting data-driven strategies that move beyond just accessing ‘big data’ to actually integrating data into everyday marketing decisions, product development and campaign planning.Two things are coming together: A robust growth in data sources, and the need to turn that data into actionable insights. According to Gartner, in 2015 a full 65 percent of packaged advanced analytics programs will come embedded with Hadoop, an open source programming framework for large-scale data analysis that’s especially adept at analyzing poorly structured data, text, behavior analysis and time-based queries.