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CRM Development and Solutions

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology fused with strategies which is practiced across enterprises to manage and analyze customer interactions as well as data of the whole customer lifecycle, to improvise the relationship with customers that backs customer retention and eventually, drives sales growth. The CRM systems compile information of customers across various channels and points of contact between customer and the company that can be its website, direct mails, telephone, live chat, social media and marketing materials. CRM systems can even provide detailed customer information such as, personal information, buying preferences, purchase history and concerns.
One of the best CRM Development Companies in Delhi & NCR, ADG Online Solutions facilitate the development and integration of CRM software for varied enterprises to streamline the management of relationship with customers and maintain their data. With CRM software, we consolidate customer information and related documents in a single database to help enterprises easily access and manage it. Besides, with CRM, we also facilitate recording customer interactions across phone calls, emails, social media, and other channels. Plus, it also automates related workflow processes, like calendars, tasks and alerts, which provide a facility to managers to track productivity and performance of their teams.
The facilities ADG offers via CRM combine:
a) Marketing Automation: CRM augments marketing endeavours by automating repetitive tasks in the customer lifecycle. For instance, when a sales prospect comes to the system, the CRM system would automatically send marketing materials to them via an online medium.
b) Sales Force Automation: CRM facilitates sales force management that helps in preventing duplication of efforts in the channel of salesperson to customer. The CRM system basically automates the tracking of all contacts as well as follows up from both the ends.
c) Contact Center Automation: CRM offers automation of contact center job, wherein pre-recorded audios are integrated for basic and common customer problem solving and availability of information. It not only increases the productivity of customer care wing, but also simplifies their processes.
d) Geo-Location Technology: CRM system facilitates location based marketing campaigns based on the physical location of customers.

Advantages of CRM System

The integration of CRM system has obvious benefits to enterprises, as it not only brings together all the customer data of your company on a single place and allows its access from that single place itself, but also streamlines the processes and hence, increases the productivity. Without CRM, the enormous customer data remains scattered across the documents, emails, mobile phone, and even paper notes and cards, and here is where, the CRM solutions provider in Delhi, ADG Online Solutions reinforces as well as pacifies your business processes with CRM software. Plus, it also helps in easy collaboration of different business wings and teams that eventually leads to improvisation of the business processes.
Social CRM
Social CRM is a ‘one plus one’ kind customer relationship management system which is fused with a social element. When the social elements are leveraged upon traditional CRM, it enables enterprises to have data of customer conversations and relationships via social networking sites with the help of Social CRM.
Small Business CRM
The Small Business CRM is a lighter version of traditional customer relationship management software which is customized to complement the requirements of small businesses. It facilitates the improvised customer service, cross selling and up selling, and hence, helps in closing of deals and retaining customers. It works similar to traditional CRM, but with a seamless process designed especially for small businesses.
CRM software is basically an enterprise software that requires a dedicated team for developing CRM modules, analyzing the produced data and reports, and an IT team to look after costly upgrades and deployment. But, a small business CRM application differs on the basis of the size of data managed, required IT support, tools, features as well as cost.