Document Management Software Modules:

Document input through
bulk upload
Document routing
Support SSL
Encrypted documents on file system

Document conversion features:

  • Word to PDF
  • Image to pdf
  • Pdf to word
  • Pdf to Excel
  • Excel to pdf
  • Collaboration capability
  • Document water mark feature
  • Third party integration
  • Automatic creation of records based on documents
  • Create customized windows & records
  • Achieving and retention capability
  • Compliance management capabilities
  • Automatic and manual workflow
  • Customized workflow
  • Customized dashboard
  • Form management capabilities

Inward Receipt

Dmspro will help in providing complete solution for inward receipts at all locations.

Work Flow Creation & Assignment:

  • Fully supporting
  • Multiple work flows
  • Create a new work flow at run-time
  • Create inter-departmental & intra-departmental work flows (assignments)

File Creation with Fully Functional module:

  • The unique numbering of file
  • Store file name, subject and creators’ notes
  • Priority indication (immediate/normal/later)
  • Nature indication (confidential/normal)
  • Files will be a version numbered
  • Metadata capturing ability for input whenever applicable/possible for fast search

Action of files can be Printed:

  • Pending file reminders
  • Receipt acknowledgement
  • Noting
  • Attachments - any type of attachment (incl. PDF, HTML, JPEG, DOCS, Excel sheets, audio/video files etc. in correct and recoverable format)
  • Add/update/delete/view (linked file) references facility
  • Tasks assignments

File Approval will be generated:

  • Outgoing draft reply letter generation and outgoing reply by email, letter SMS etc.
  • Reply e-mail, letter, SMS etc.

Will provide Outward Generation & Dispatch:

  • Auto disposal by different disposal modes
  • Outward entry module should generate two copies — fair copy and office copy and send it to the dispatch section for delivery to the intended users/senders
  • Carry forward of non-disposed files

Will provide Query / Views on Followings:

  • Text-based, keyword based and wild cards-based search options
  • Subject-wise generalized summery
  • Inward number v/s. outward number

User Creation & Other Security Features:

  • History of positions held with timeline
  • Security features like password complexity & encryption, audit trails
  • Database triggers to stop direct updating

Reporting Module:

Register printing

Audit Trails (User Activity, File Movement Records)

ndexing Documents:

The indexing methodologies will be easy to use and understood by the users who retrieve the documents, as well as those who file them.

Index Fields

Index fields will be used to categorize documents, track creation or retention dates, or record subject matter, among other uses. In addition, an imaging system will allow “pull down boxes to speed index field entry” and tools will be available to help automate entering index information.

Folder/File Structure:

An imaging system will provide a visual method of finding documents. An imaging system will have the ability to electronically re-create this filing system through multiple levels of nested folders.

Controlling Access:

The system should provide appropriate levels of access to AICTE data, without compromising confidentiality or security.

Broad Availability:

The system will provide a client-based user interface that enables the scanning, indexing & retrieval of documents. Users will be able to search, retrieve and view documents with any web browser.

Comprehensive Security:

The system will allow the system administrator to control what folders and documents users can see, and what actions they can perform on those documents (edit, copy, delete, etc.) The system will control access to folders, documents and even redacted images and text in a simple and complete manner

Automate Tasks

Given a specific event, organization can apply rules for validation and certain actions to be performed on the documents without intervention.

The Main Advantages of Automation are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operational time.
  • Improved quality.
  • High degree of accuracy.
  • Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses.
  • Document automation.


Mail Archiver

The repository act as the document management system to store messages in massive numbers. The mail file is an automated process for the preservation and protection of all emails.


Multitenant feature enables multiple independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, which can be installed either on a single server or across a cluster of them.

Electronic Signature

E-signature are an essential part of the Dmspro, helping organizations modernize the way they work & take business decisions.


Barcode reading and identification module for document management.

Electronic Invoicing

E-invoicing module helps in extracting invoice formats and store them in the system.


CMIS connector bundles specifically opens and allows Dmspro to be used as a complete CMIS Server.


Files are encrypted and decrypted.


Create and use your own jasper reports, which will be generated in a PDF format.

Task manager

Create, administrate and assign task to users & roles.