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ECommerce Website Development

The burgeoning eCommerce industry doesnít really require any definition; neither does it require any validation to signify its immense potential to grow boundless. And, with the constant and unsurpassable expansion of eCommerce, the opportunities in the online retail segment are also growing incalculable, which eventually leads to the larger competition in this sector. Hence, this inspires the need for every eCommerce marketer to develop a flawless, seamless and amiable marketplace, along with having an impeccable CMS and Shopping Cart.
ECommerce is far more than just offering a plethora of services right at the door step. It requires continuous endeavours empowered with technology to run a traffic driving and revenue generating eRetail portal. Plus, it should not only drive potential customers to the marketplace, but also compel them to buy a product and keep coming back. This requires expertise in fusing technology to creativity, along with eCommerce applications to build revenue generating online store.

ECommerce Website Development Company in Delhi & NCR

Here is where, ADG Online Solutions fits in perfectly to precisely address and answer your requirement of eCommerce website development.
Having a knack of basics and creativity, ADG integrates eCommerce solutions with compatible and most effective shopping carts. A shopping cart is complete software solution for an eCommerce marketplace that facilitates shopping, payments and shipping records. Besides, it distributes information of the purchase across the merchants and payment processors. In depth, an eCommerce shopping cart is an integral part of an eRetail business that also serves as the catalogue which empowers the infrastructure of an online store.
The major shopping carts that ADG integrates in your business are:
1 Magento: Itís an open source eCommerce platform that incorporates latest technologies and offers flexible features. It provides customized look & feel, content & language and amiable functionality of both back-end and front-end, along with advanced analytics, customer management, marketing promotion and reporting to easily initiate an eRetail business.
2 Shopify: Itís a strongly reliable shopping cart that facilitates secured eCommerce website and allows accepting credit cards as well as PayPal transactions via over fifty payment gateways. Besides, it delivers a user friendly eStore interface.
3 OpenCart: Itís one of the most famed and widely used script of shopping cart across online stores that offers a range of plugins, easy customization and high efficiency to help businesses grow seamless.
4 BigCommerce: Itís a kind of complete and really supportive shopping cart that eCommerce business owners can rely upon. Itís one of the leading eCommerce solutions that caters to all business sizes and also, teaches you the eCommerce.
5 WooCommerce: Itís an easily available eCommerce cart that facilitates building online store on WordPress, along with offering extensions and customizable themes.
6 Cs-Cart: Itís a kind of shopping cart solution that offers all the powerful yet easy tools for creating a full featured eRetail store of variant sizes. It allows you easily build a full-featured online store with a set of powerful tools.
7 Prestashop: Itís a widely used eCommerce cart interface that offers strong features and functionality enhancing plugins. It combines over 310 features that help in backing eCommerce business owners.
8 Zen-Cart: Itís truly an art of eCommerce, which is free and friendly to use for creating a seamless eStore with customized designing.
ADG Online Solutions provides you a complete eCommerce solution in India, with all the features integrated flawlessly and exquisitely. The features combined are:
1 Development of home page/ landing page
2 Catalogue development/ Product listing
3 Management of shipping/delivery
4 Customer services on eStore
5 Standard checkout
6 Inventory Management
7 Widgets
8 Seller management
9 Navigation & Filter
10 Product data and details
11 Feedback Management
12 Search
13 Order and sale management
14 Gift cards
15 Localization