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EDM Services Provider in India

Every marketer wants to convey right message to their target audience in an affordable and effective way which needs personalization. Email-marketing emerges as a best solution, wherein marketers have opportunity to beautifully craft their messages in Electronic Direct Mails (EDM). Today, E-Mail marketing company in India is providing much affordable way for any enterprise to build-up brand proposition. It facilitates strong Call-to-action ability and appeal more to reader rather than simple plain text. ADG’s email service comprises List management, Spam Act, Email campaigns, Design & layout and Performance Measurement.
Email marketing is one of the crucial Internet Marketing tool. Any successful online promotional campaign is incomplete without incorporating database or B2B bulk email marketing and regular newsletter services. This method has an amazing ROI. It is extremely cost effective when you want to reach a large customer base.Our email marketing techniques ensure higher open click and conversion rates. We help you in building and managing your email lists effectively so that it does not result in spamming. This is achieved by proficient segmenting of target audience and creating personalized email that are interactive & creative.
We develop a list of prospects to be pitched through EDMs in which build up list of target audiences by analyzing objectives of email campaign. Our team develops right in between permitted allowances under SPAM act following all 9 guidelines under this act. Email marketing campaigns are built upon campaign objectives, Personalization, Consistency, and Call-To-Action, Spam filter preventions, Subject line advantage and content framework. Above mentioned traits are essentially required for any Email Marketing Service provider in Delhi.
Design and layout of Email creative at ADG considers every factor like Image Blocking issue, mobile friendly template design, visual  including header, Subject line, Above the fold layout, view online feature, Logo Placement, Top Links, social media link icons, Links and email footer.
We at ADG Online Solutions emphasize on all aspects like layout, presentation of monitoring and measurement of performance that attract higher open and click-through rates.

Why only ADG is one of the best Email Marketing Company in India?

1. We at ADG Online Solutions put aggressive analysis on client’s requirement and expectations and then implement strategically in Email design.
2. We built conversion-led content for Email Marketing that covers all aspects of the complete client’s profile and key-strengths.
3. We strongly accentuate on Visual appearances of email templates as they play an important role in gaining first impression and the attentions of prospect customers. Our team implements an “Inverted Triangle “approach in which most important information is placed on top and least important on the bottom.
4. Our Email marketing service is coupled with advanced measurement and monitoring of emails which enable us to track analytics like number of responded emails, open, bounce-backs and click through rates. As a result we refine target audience more and personalize content for future interactions. This ability qualifies ADG to emerge as best Email marketing agency in Delhi.
5. Our development team codes on the basis of reader behavior dynamics, as most people tend to read emails in a pattern of “F” therefore our developers crafts Emails in that way.