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ERP Software Development Company

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integral part of today’s tech-led organizations, where not only process matters, but precision and swiftness also play a crucial role. ERP is business process management software that facilitates the integration of all enterprise applications in a system to flawlessly and seamlessly manage the business processes and also, automate back office functions across technology, services and human resources wings of the enterprise.
Comprehending the significance of ERP in the present business world, ADG Online Solutions integrates all the facets of enterprise operations via ERP software, combining product planning, manufacturing, development, marketing and sales. We explicitly design and facilitate ERP solutions in India to customize as well as analyze the data, and for handing upgrades and deployment that otherwise require large dedicated teams.

ERP Software Modules

Modules are part of a software and every software comprises a set of modules to be integrated and customized according to the requirements of a particular enterprise. Similarly, the ERP software comprises various independent modules that ADG Online Solutions develops for your enterprise and merges them together into a flawless system of your enterprise. These modules are individually purchased on the basis of what best complements the requirements and technical capabilities of the company.
Herein, each ERP module is dedicated to a particular part of business process, as mentioned below:
1. Sales & Marketing:
Sales wing is the revenue generator of an organization, while marketing is the accelerator of this process that makes it crucial to integrate the Sales & Marketing process into a seamless ERP software. With Sales ERP module, ADG facilitates the seamless management of various business processes.
2. Inventory & Warehousing
The ERP inventory & warehousing module basically maintains appropriate stock in the warehouse and manages it flawlessly. It recognizes the requirement of the inventory, along with monitoring item utilization, offering replenishment options and reporting inventory status of the items in warehouse.
3. Accounting & Finance
The finance ERP module manages the whole inflow and outflow of the capital, while the account ERP module maintains a flawless track of transactions combining expenditures, account ledgers, bank statements, balance sheet, budgeting, payment receipts and tax management, etc.
4. Purchase Module
The purchase module will be responsible for the processes combined in procurement of items and raw materials required by the company. The purchase module is usually integrated along with inventory module and engineering or production module for updating stocks.
5. Customer Relationship Management
The ERP customer relationship management module backs the sales wing of the company by driving it with an enhanced customer service and establishing stronger customer relationship. It maintains simplified details of the customers through tracking their activities.
6. Engineering Production
The engineering production module has been a great help in the manufacturing industry for product delivery. This module combines functionalities such as machine scheduling, product planning, raw material usage, preparation, tracking of daily production progress, production forecasting and production reporting.
7. Supply Chain Management
The supply chain management ERM module basically manages the complete flow of products from manufacturer to consumer and from consumer to manufacturer.
8. Human Resource
The human resource ERP module basically enhances the efficiency of HR team by providing seamless management of human resources.
9. Project Management
The project management ERP facilitates the overall management of a project to process it in a simplified manner. It combines the track of tasks in sequence and the goals to be achieved, along with the responsible team members for the tasks.
10. Fleet Management
The fleet management ERP module is basically meant for managing vehicles. A vehicle when integrated with fleet management module maintains its whole data. It combines its contract, status of the vehicle, its odometer as well as fuel logs.
11. Point of Sale (POS)
The point of sale ERP module facilitates the fully integrated front office POS coupled with back office software to answer the requirements of retailers with a complete retail management system.