Inventory Manager

Inventory Management ease the process of maintaining & tracking the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse.

Inventory control facilitates the identifying of inventory requirements, targets settings, providing supply techniques and options, monitoring the usage of items, accommodate the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

Innivio Features

  • New Item/Product - Add new item/product in the warehouse
  • Items/products List - View items products list available in the warehouse
  • New Order - create a new order
  • Orders list - View orders list
  • Sell - Here add new selling item/product details
  • Sell list - View the previous selling details

Categories Features

  1. New categories - Add new product categories here.
  2. Categories list - view the categories list

Suppliers Features

  1. New Suppliers - Add new supplier here
  2. Suppliers List - View the supplier's list

Customers Features

  1. New Customers - Add/edit a new customer here.
  2. Customers list - View the customer's list.

Profits Features

  1. Today Profit - view the today's profit detail.
  2. Yesterday Profit - view the yesterday's profit details.
  3. Last seven days Profit- View the last seven day's profit details.
  4. This month profit - View the current month profit details.
  5. Last month profit - View the last month profit details.
  6. This year profit - Here view the yearly profit details.

Reports Features

  1. Sales to the customer - View the particular customer sales details.
  2. 0rders by suppliers - Here view the particular supplier order details.
  3. Item sales - Here view the particular item/product sale details.
  4. Item orders - Here view the particular item/product order details.

Stock Manager

The monitoring and control of goods and stock so that new stock can be ordered as required and the right numbers and quantities made available at all times.

Products Features

  1. Add new product - Here add new product details.
  2. List of products - View the products list.
  3. Print barcodes - Here select any category to print the barcode sheet.
  4. Print labels - Here select any category to print the Labels sheet.
  5. Import products - Here import excel sheet of products.
  6. Update price - Update products price by CSV.
  7. Quantity adjustments - Here product quantity is managed.

Purchase Features

  1. List of purchases - view the detail list of purchase items
  2. Add purchase - Add new item purchase details.
  3. Add purchase by csv - Add bulk item purchases details by csv.
  4. Expenses - View the previous expenses details.
  5. Add Expenses - Add new expense here.

Transfers Product Features

  1. Add transfer - here add new product/item transfer.
  2. List transfers- Here view the previous item/ product transfer.

Sales Features

  1. List sales - View the list of product sales.
  2. Pos sales (All warehouse) - Point of sales.
  3. Add sales by csv - Add sales details by csv.
  4. Deliveries - Here view the list of delivered product.
  5. Gift cards - Add or view the list of gift cards.
  6. List of return sales - view the product return list.

Quotation Features

  1. Add quotation - Add new quotation for the items.
  2. List of quotation - view the list of quotation.

People Features

  1. List of users - view the list of users.
  2. Add users - Add new user details.
  3. List billers - View the list of biller's details.
  4. Add biller - Add new biller details.
  5. List customers - View the customer's detail.
  6. Add customers - Add new customer details.
  7. List suppliers - view the list of supplier's details.
  8. Add suppliers - Add new supplier details.
  9. Notifications - View the notifications.


Warehouse stock chart

Warehouse Stock Value chart by Cost and Price.

Register report

overview chart

Stock Overview Chart includes monthly sales with product tax & order tax (columns), purchases (line) & current stock value by cost & price (pie).

Product quantity alerts

view the quantity of product/item.


Products Reports

here view the details of a product with profit or loss

Categories Report

Here view the details of the product with profit or loss categories wise.

Daily Sales

View the report of daily sales of the products.

Monthly Sales

View the report of monthly sales of the products.

Sales Reports

View the report on overall sales of the products.

Payments Report

View the report of the payment details.

Profit and/or Loss

view the Profit and/or Loss report and you can select the date range to customize the report.

Purchase Report

view the report of the product purchasing details.

Customers Report

- view the customer's detail report.

Suppliers Report

View the supplier's detail report.

Staff Report

View the staff report.