Mobile Application Development

The world demands feature rich solutions which combine various technologies and here is where the challenge emerges, with the diverse devices and OS versions, to develop a new generation mobile app.

Mobile Application Development Company

Today, businesses demand innovation via mobile applications to cater to the need of this ever growing technological era by offering sophisticated user experiences to the consumers. The world demands feature rich solutions which combine technologies like location information & mapping, video and real-time notifications near field communication (NFC), data capture and much more. And, here is where the challenge emerges, with the diverse devices and OS versions in use currently, to develop a new generation mobile app.

The mobile app developers of ADG ensure that we exceed your expectations and deliver best-in-class applications. Our mobile app development services ensure the below-mentioned factors:

  • 1. Anytime + anywhere mobility solutions
  • 2. Architecture of next-gen mobile apps
  • 3. Strategy making and implementation
  • 4. Test automation
  • 5. Android customization
  • 6. User experience design, support, evaluation

Mobile app development is a complete channel of processes and procedures combining writing software for varied computing devices ranging from smartphones to tablets of various kinds. It’s similar to web application development and more precisely, it has emerged from software development technology. However, a crucial factor that differentiates the two technologies is that mobile apps are usually written specifically for providing special advantages and unique features meant for use on mobile devices.

Mobile applications are required to be designed and customized according to the particular mobile operating system to ensure optimum performance of the app. And, with the availability of various OS nowadays, it requires designing an app individually for different operating systems.

ADG develops state-of-the-art apps for two leading mobile operating systems, as mentioned below:

Android App Development

    Android is the most widely used mobile operating system and we facilitate mobile apps for this operating system, tailor-made to our clients' requirements. Our android mobile app development services in Delhi/NCR combine:

  • Customized mobile app solutions based on specific customer needs
  • Location based, cloud-to-device management, camera interfaces, video streaming based mobile app development.
  • Implementation of custom protocols.
  • Device memory and CPU friendly solution
  • Development of cloud based mobile testing automation framework

iOS App Development

    ADG ensures brilliant development of iOS based mobile apps to answer various requirements of different clients. Our iOS mobile app development services combine:

  • a)Camera input based app such as OCR integration and Bar Code Reader app.
  • b)Graphical data presentation
  • c)Development of rich UI based app via iPhone OS software development UI kit and Core animation
  • d)Universal app development for iPhone and iPad
  • e)UI automation testing
  • f)Map based app
  • g)Information integration from calendar and address book
  • h)Push notification based on the requirement
  • i)Customized split view
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