Materials Requirements Planning:

It helps to Increase productivity and reduce costs with intelligent forecasting, planning and works order management.

Sales Management

Will make the most of your customer interactions, save time processing orders and create detailed quotes with our integrated sales management suite.

Purchasing Control

Purchasing control will streamline the procure-to-pay processes for your organization. Reduce costs with intelligent purchasing tools and keep on top of quotations, orders and sub-contractor interactions.

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Stock management

Trace items from cradle to grave and increase the capacity and accuracy of your operations with our advanced warehouse management capabilities.

Reporting and analytics

Helps in generating automatic reporting and alerts keep all your stakeholders up to date with business intelligence dashboards created from multiple sources of information.

Finance and accounting

Our finance and accounting module can save time and increase the accuracy of your financial records with automated ledger updates and reconciliation.

Material requirements planning

Helps to Save time and money by planning your materials and resources

  • Minimize waste
  • Stock forecasting
  • Stock definition
  • Low-level stock alerts
  • Reduce lead times
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Manage your manufacturing processes

Our MRP module can help to plan out materials in advance and ensure that you can always meet customer demand. Analyzing your daily capacity to fulfil orders with the visual, color coded stock forecasting module. Increase your productivity by using ‘control desk’ to rapidly create manufacturing tasks and related purchase and works orders with advanced rules for call off orders.

Key benefits

  • Gain an instant view of stock levels whether high, low, optimal or at risk of overstocking or unfulfilling orders
  • Full labor traceability enables you to identify sources of inefficiency and establish the true cost of the activity
  • Strengthen teamwork between your sales, production and purchasing functions with accurate MRP data
  • Job costing ensures all works order or contract information is displayed in one place, at both summary and detail level, for instant review and reporting

Purchasing control

Keep on top of quotations, orders and sub-contractor interactions

  • Quotation requests
  • Supplier acknowledgements
  • Automated PO, delivery and invoicing
  • Vendor price matrix
  • Approved supplier lists

Control your procurement process & reduce disjointed information with one integrated solution that brings all your quotations, orders and interactions together into one location. Create, manage and track requests for quotations and orders efficiently with authorization and alerts so that you can monitor sales wins and losses.

Key benefits

  • Enhance actual costing management considering sub-contractor jobs and pricing for your projects
  • Reduce costs with intelligent purchasing tools and keep on top of quotations, orders and sub-contractor interactions
  • Manage supplier ratings based on quality, price and KPI performance then compare which supplier is the best option for your business
  • Automate PO creation and invoicing to save time spent on admin work

Stock management

Trace your products throughout the warehouse journey

  • Graphical warehouse map
  • Mobile devices
  • Automatic pick lists
  • Track items
  • Goods in and goods out

Minimize your warehousing costs with unlimited warehouse and bin locations, we cover any size of operation with our drag and drop graphical warehouse map which increases visibility over your stock location. This highly intuitive system can trace all items from receipt, through to storage, production, dispatch and return in real time through mobile devices and shop floor utilities.

Key benefits

  • Cover any size of location with unlimited warehouse and bin locations, providing total control
  • Save time rearranging stock locations with the user-friendly, graphical drag and drop warehouse map
  • Gain full visibility of stock from cradle to grave and from receipt, through to storage, production, dispatch and return
  • Mobile devices enable simple, instructed stocktaking and keep records up to date in real time

Reporting and analytics

Gain an extensive view of your business with one touch solution.

  • Reporting analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Real-time data
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Automatic reports

Effortlessly pull reports and analyze data
A powerful and easy-to-use reporting and analytics module that gives you a 360-degree view of all your KPI’s. Used by businesses of all sizes, reporting is key to improving your performance and analyzing where improvements can be made. At the heart of our reporting module are all the tools you need to make the most of the data you’ve stored from multiple sources.
Simple reporting tools such as graphical dashboards make it easy for staff to pull off reports into excel and present accurate real-time data to stakeholders in the business.

Key benefits

  • Track trends and KPI progress in real time with visual intuitive dashboards to see how all the areas of your business are performing
  • Alerts and notifications keep your key people up to date and aware of any actions that need to be taken immediately
  • Automated reports can be sent to multiple recipients on specific dates, avoiding manually creating the same report time and time again
  • Gather information from multiple data sources so that you can make informed decisions on where the business needs to improve

Finance and accounting

TWill keep accurate records of your finances and accounts

  • VAT and bank reconciliation
  • CIS compliance
  • Purchase ledgers
  • Multi-currency options
  • HMRC submissions

Powerfully integrated finance

Designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors this module is tailored to your exact requirements with everything you need from core ledgers to project costing. It includes nominal ledgers, customer history, powerful purchase ledger tools, as well as automated VAT and bank reconciliation with instant visibility of tax liability and links to major banks.

Key benefits

  • Improve cash flow based on better visibility of your accounts
  • Negotiate better supplier terms by taking advantage of quantity breaks and evaluating vendor performance
  • Automate VAT and bank reconciliation for instant visibility of tax liability with links to major banks
  • Multi-currency and exchange rates for businesses that operate internationally