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Online Media Buying Services

To succeed in this competitive world, every business needs a strategic media plan that must be in synchronization with branding strategy of the business and its objectives. We at ADG online Solutions help our clients to initiate prosperous association with prospect customers in digital space right from the first point of contact.
Our team paves path of success from the planning process itself. Our Online Media Buying services are equipped with 360 degree planning process that combines clear segmentation of target audience and consumer behavior. We define the right direction to target audience from the vast digital space. We keep deriving innovative ways of concurrent promotions and media opportunities.
How we execute it?

We follow a stringent 3- tier process in whole online media buying services:

Behavioral Targeting
The term clearly indicating meaning of this terminology itself. It means to grouping of visitor or prospects showing certain indicated pattern in behavior while visiting on a particular website or a section of website. Whenever a prospect visits a website page, a set of information is collected including pages visited, visit duration, clicked links, fired searched query etc. Now, this information is used for sophisticated segmentation of target audience.
Contextual Matching
This practice is used in getting exact targeting of audience. Whenever a consumer visits a webpage then, that particular visitor is exposed to particular those ads only which are segmented in similar interests of that website only.
We at ADG follow this micro strategy of exact targeting for visitors acquisition.
Creative Messaging
Till now we have come to way of getting the target audience but, now it’s time for a strong Call-To-Action. As a leading Online Media Company we follow a creative and responsive medium of Call-To-Action. Using a variety of messaging techniques like rich media, flash and videos that help to create a compelling urge to click on the banner advertisement or display ad hosted on publisher’s site.

Why only ADG for Online Media buying services?

1. We have experience in monitoring and proven performance assessment strategies that help us in making innovative moves in choosing best media platform.
2. We consider seasonality of media platform in the planning process for media buying.
3. ADG’s dedicated team not only work hard on clients’ online advertising but, equally focuses on clients business model, social media reputation, search marketing, viral marketing and offline reputation too.
4. We optimize our media planning services for our clients and our implementation is executed after well thought media short-term and long term strategies.
5. We apply instantiate our planning process by defining target audiences and their online behavior. We map effectively the online behavior of target audience with company objective which results in a best competitive strategy. Our team closely works with conversion pathways from which targeted audience can be brought into Lead Generation Funnel.
Every big business idea needs to be driven effectively through a profit centric Media marketing plan. ADG is one roof solution for all integrated media buying solutions. We at ADG Online Solutions fully understand need of healthy dialog between brand proposition and target audience. As a leading Online Media Buying Agency in Delhi, our core belief is to maximize the reach to more targeted customers.