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    Re-innovating & staying ahead of the learning curve in digital creativity
    Building Integrated experiences through nurturing & Creation
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    We create, build & engage
    Building Integrated experiences through nurturing & Creation
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    Sketching brand stories and Impactful campaigns
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What’s our story?

Nurturing & Curating is an integrating experience that leads to unparalleled excellence & unmatched creativity leading to 360° metamorphosis. It's about building diagonal communication across a large spectrum, bringing freshness, creativity and innovation.

We at ADG stand to Innovate, Create & Impact the best. We are a turnkey Digital Marketing & web development solutions company developing world class campaigns across India & abroad.

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art mobile app, a contemporary social media platform or a digital OOH; We sketch, craft and customize, and deliver the best.


A 360 degree Digital Marketing & Web Development Firm

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Clients speak volumes about the quality of one’s work. Be it an Industry veteran or an emerging brand, we have had everyone on board!

The crux of our best works humbly put together. Take a look at some of our special case studies!

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Harman View
NEC View
Cisco Leverages
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ADG Online is a Software and Digital Innovation company, leading in the space of Government as well as Private sector. We are a FAMILY OF PROFESSIONALS who work to create a spectrum solution for our worthy customers.


Rajiv- Sales and Marketing Director - NEC India

Passionate, Charged up, Innovative are the adjectives I would use to describe my perception of the team at ADG. This young team has partnered with NEC India in our successful quest to improve Brand Salience whilst enhancing customer engagement

Suchita Vishnoi - Head - Marketing (India & SAARC) Trend Micro

Team ADG is the first agency I have known which keeps its clients on their toes, a very pro-active set of digital marketing professionals who are constantly thinking on increasing visibility & awareness of their customer's brand